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About Us

Current Openings

Position: Qualified Quran Teacher (Male/Female)


  • Conduct online Quran classes
  • Develop lesson plans
  • Assess students’ progress
  • Provide constructive feedback


  • Degree or certification in Quranic studies
  • Proficiency in Quran reading, Tajweed, and Qirat
  • Preference for Hafiz or Aalim
  • Strong English language skills
  • 1-3 years of online teaching experience (fresh candidates will be trained)

Work Arrangement:

  • Pakistani Teachers: Report to our Rawalpindi office
  • International Teachers: Teach remotely


  • Variable based on skills and experience
  • Flexible working hours

How to Apply

Submit your resume and cover letter to yourfuturecampus2@gmail.comor contact via WhatsApp/call at +923490055415.

Hiring Process

  1. Application Submission: Online form, WhatsApp, call, or email
  2. Application Review: Review by our team
  3. Initial Interview:
    • Pakistani Candidates: At Rawalpindi branch
    • International Candidates: Online via Zoom
  4. Training Period: 1-2 weeks
  5. Demonstration Class: Conduct a test class
  6. Final Hiring: Based on performance

Contact Us

For inquiries, contact us at yourfuturecampus2@gmail.comor reach out to our HR Manager at +923490055415.

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