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Online Quran Classes – Learn Quran Online with Tajweed for Kids & Adults

Do you want to learn the Quran but facing obstacles in your busy schedule to learn it? Do not worry; You can join Quran classes online with IlmulQuran! Our mission is to make learning the Quran accessible and affordable for everyone, whether you are a child or an adult. We believe that understanding the Quran is a source of immense joy and fulfillment for Muslims, and our highly trained teachers are here to guide you through personalized sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Learning the Quran with Tajweed is essential for proper recitation, which we focus on in our online classes. Tajweed helps you recite the Qur’an accurately and beautifully, adding depth and meaning. 

Join us at IlmulQuran, which will help you learn the Qur’an and bring the joy of devotion to your home. With our dedicated teachers and interactive learning platform, you’ll recite the Quran confidently in no time!

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Special Classes for Kids & Adults (Male & Female)

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Benefits of learning the Quran online

Learning the Quran online offers many advantages for students of all ages as you can access skilled teachers from around the world, including the USA, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, ensuring quality education, regardless of location. 

These skilled teachers are fluent in English, Arabic, and Urdu, making learning Tajweed and Arabic accessible to everyone. Additionally, online learning accommodates busy schedules, allowing students to study at their own pace and fit religious education into their routines.

IlmulQuran serves students in 90 countries, so learning the Qur’an online is easy and accessible. Certified teachers prioritize important factors such as Tajweed, recitation, Arabic pronunciation, and memorization, ensuring a strong Quranic study foundation.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

We Offer Trials with Multiple Tutors

On our online Quran learning platform, we provide trial classes with multiple tutors. Our goal is simple: to ensure quality education and help you find the perfect fit. With years of experience, we understand the importance of finding the right teacher, focus, and level to get the most out of it. That’s why we offer free trial lessons with different teachers and classes. No empty promises here – only dedicated service to spread goodness and devotion to Allah. Join us to experience the wonders of learning the Quran online with confidence.

Education under Skilled Teachers

Our Prices Are Very Reasonable

Education under skilled teachers ensures quality education. Our Quran teachers are highly qualified with university degrees and years of teaching experience. They prioritize student success and foster a supportive learning environment. At IlmulQuran, our teachers undergo rigorous training and background checks to guarantee the best training. With a focus on Tajweed and Quranic principles, they serve as role models in their communities. Join our online Quran classes to benefit from their expertise and become result-oriented students.

We believe in spreading Quran education affordably. Learning online is easy for adults. With prices starting as low as USD 30 a month for two 30-minute weekly classes, anyone can access quality Quran teachings. Our commitment to affordability ensures that more people can benefit from our high teaching standards and flexible scheduling. Plus, you can customize your learning experience based on your preferences.

We Offer Trials with Multiple Tutors

Our many years of experience bringing joy to devoted Muslims through the teaching Quran online makes us so confident that you will get benefit from our this program that we offer free trial lessons to help you find the perfect class and teacher for yourself or kids. All of our classes will assist you meet the intention of devotion to Allah, but it’s important to select the right teacher, the right focus, and the right level in order to get the greatest benefit. That’s why we offer free trial classes with several teachers and classes to see which one is the best fit for you.

Our Prices are affordable

Another advantage of studying the Quran online is our affordable prices we are offering. You can choose to study Quran online with one class per week for as little as $10 a month, 30 minutes class a week. You can register yourself or student for trial class, and once you’ve chosen the classes you prefer, you can choose how many classes a week you would like to take and the length of the classes. Our dedication to bringing the true meaning of the Quran to Muslims around the world is exemplified by our high teaching standards, flexibility, and reasonable prices.

Learn Quran Online with Experts

At ilmulQuran Online Academy, our Quran lessons are taught by the most highly qualified certified tutors in the world. We choose teachers who are role models in their communities by exemplifying the values of Islam their great understanding of Tajweed and the way they live their lives. All of our teachers are graduates that are Hafiz/Hafizah’s, Qari/Qaria’s, Alim/Alima’s and have supplemented their studies with ilmulQuran Online Academy teachers training program. We perform in-depth background checks to ensure that all of our teachers credentials are valid and their references are checked.

Female Quran Tutors for Women

We knows that many women prefer to learn the Quran online with female teachers. For this we have many female teachers that are experts in Tajweed and Tarteel rules and can provide classes in English, Urdu, Hindi, and modern Arabic for any age girls and adult women that are beginning to embark on studying the Holy Book. Our female teachers have the same qualifications as male tutors have in Online Quran Classes. Providing online Quran classes that are with highest quality. We have the great availability and most qualified female teachers for women and parents that prefer female teachers for their children.

Female Quran Tutors For Female Students

Our online Quran classes have female tutors who are experts in Tajweed. Our female teachers are ready to teach adult women to study the Holy Book, which is available in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Modern Arabic. With the ability to meet their male counterparts, our tutors ensure quality instruction. Female students get comfort and convenience in learning from our dedicated team, available 24/7. From beginners to advanced levels, our female Quran teachers fully cover Tajweed, Arabic, and more. Experience the ease of learning the Quran with our dedicated female tutors.

Discover the world of online Quran classes for kids, where our interactive and supportive environment fosters a love for the Quran. For adults seeking a deeper understanding, our classes offer flexibility and comprehensive content, accommodating various schedules and skill levels.
If you’re a beginner, our online Quran classes are designed to provide a solid foundation, ensuring a smooth start to your Quranic studies. Best of all, our courses are offered for free, making quality Quranic education inclusive and available to everyone.
For those residing in the USA, ilmulQuran brings online Quran classes to your doorstep, eliminating geographical barriers. Benefit from the expertise of our qualified instructors and the convenience of learning from your home through our user-friendly platform.
Choose ilmulQuran for an inclusive, flexible, and expert-led online Quranic learning experience. Sign up for our free classes or explore our tailored programs for kids, adults, and beginners. Let us guide you on your journey to a deeper understanding of the Quran, regardless of your age, level, or location.


When our Quran teachers are away, we have backup tutors ready. They step in quickly to make sure no class is missed. We prioritize our students' education by making substitute teachers available for home emergencies.


Get updates about your Quran classes every fortnight and month. Our team ensures quality and tracks progress. Expect detailed monthly reports. We are committed to your learning journey.


Evaluation reports highlight our diverse team: Arab and non-Arab male and female tutors. Hailing from Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan, he brings a unique perspective. Local Arabs and non-locals are committed to your learning journey, ensuring quality and cultural richness.


Paying is easy with us! Securely process invoices via credit card, local bank transfers, or PayPal. Choose what works best for you. For your peace of mind, we will email invoices immediately. Easy, secure, and hassle-free payment options await you!


You can access our learning management system for class confirmations, complaints, payments, and surveys. Our learning system records schedules, lessons, complaints, and payments. It's the hub for everything related to your learning journey.

Evaluation Reports

We are providing Progress report monthly wise. Our quality control team is not only monitoring teachers but also checking student progress daily and provide the monthly report to parents.


Our Quran lessons are available 24/7 for you and your children to fit even the busiest schedules. Our dedicated instructors are online around the clock, ensuring constant access to learning opportunities. With us, learning the Quran is easy and accessible anytime, anywhere.


In segregated classes, brothers learn with brothers and sisters with sisters, facilitating focused one-on-one learning. This right approach increases understanding and comfort.


IlmulQuran has served in 90+ countries, including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada. Our influence spans continents, bringing services beyond borders to reach diverse communities globally.

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