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Taleem ul Islam

Unlocking Taleem ul Islam: ImulQuran's Guide

In the digital age, access to quality education has become more accessible than ever. For those seeking to deepen their understanding of Islam, Taleem ul Islam, or Islamic education, is paramount. ImulQuran, a leading platform for online Islamic studies, brings this sacred knowledge to your fingertips. Join us on a journey to explore the essence of Taleem ul Islam and discover the treasures it holds.

Basic Islamic Classes for kids
What you will learn:

Part 1: 

Part 2:

  • Teachings of Faith
  • Belief of Muslims Regarding Allah
  • Angels
  • Allah’s Books
  • Messengers of Allah
  • The Day of Judgment
  • Fate
  • Life After Death
  • Islamic Practices
  • Salaah
  • Conditions for Salaah
  • First Condition of Salaah
  • The Wuduu
  • Bath (Ghusul)
  • Masah Over Socks
  • Masah On Jabeerah
  • The Haqeeqi Najaasat
  • Istinjaa
  • Water
  • Well Water

Part 3:

  • Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah)
  • Angels
  • Allah’s Books
  • Prophethood
  • Sahaaba Kiraam (The Noble Companions)
  • Walaayat and Wali-ullaah
  • Mu’jiza and Karaamat (Miracles and Miraculous Deeds)
  • Ta’leemul-Arkaan or Islamic A’maal
  • More About Wuduu’
  • Faraa’id-ul-Wuduu’ (Remaining Rules)
  • The Sunnats in Wuduu’ (Remaining Rules)
  • Mustahibbaat in Wuduu’ (Remaining Rules)
  • Nawaaqid-e-Wuduu’ – Breakers of Ablution (Remaining Rules)
  • Ghusl
  • More About Masah Over Socks
  • Najaasat Haqeeqi and How to Clean It
  • Other Rules About Istinjaa
  • More Rules About Water
  • Other Rules About the Well
  • Description of Tayammum 
  • Types of Rulings
  • Second Condition of Salaah: Taahir Clothes
  • Third Condition of Salaah: Taahir Place
  • Fourth Condition of Salaah: Satar
  • Fifth Condition of Salaah: Correct Time
  • Sixth Condition of Salaah: Facing the Qiblah
  • Seventh Condition of Salaah: Niyyah
  • Adhaan
  • Arkaan of Salaah
  • Takbeer Tahreemah
  • First Rukn of Prayer: Qiyaam
  • Second Rukn of Prayer: Qiraa’ah
  • Third and Fourth Rukn of Prayer: Rukuu’ and Sajdah
  • Fifth Rukn of Prayer: Qa’dah al-Aakhirah
  • Waajibaat-e-Namaaz
  • The Sunnat in Salaah
  • Mustahabbaat of Salaah
  • Method of Saying Namaaz..

Understanding Taleem ul Islam

Taleem ul Islam encompasses the holistic education of Islam, covering various aspects such as Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Tafsir (exegesis), and more. It serves as a comprehensive guide for Muslims, nurturing their spiritual growth and strengthening their connection with Allah.

ImulQuran: Your Gateway to Islamic Knowledge

ImulQuran stands as a beacon of light in the realm of online Islamic education. Offering a wide array of courses, ImulQuran caters to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced scholars. Through state-of-the-art technology and experienced instructors, ImulQuran provides an immersive learning experience tailored to individual needs.

Exploring Online Islamic Classes

With ImulQuran’s online Islamic classes, learners can delve into the depths of Quranic studies and Islamic sciences from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or a parent, our flexible schedule ensures that you can pursue knowledge at your own pace.

Key Features of ImulQuran's Islamic Studies Class

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including Tajweed (Quranic recitation), Aqeedah (creed), Seerah (biography of the Prophet), and more.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from qualified scholars who possess deep knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions, quizzes, and assignments to reinforce your learning and deepen your understanding.
  • Flexibility: Access course materials anytime, anywhere, making learning convenient for your busy lifestyle.
  • Community Support: Connect with fellow learners, share insights, and seek guidance from instructors within our supportive online community.

Unlocking the Benefits of Online Islamic Studies

The benefits of studying Islam online with ImulQuran are manifold. Not only does it offer convenience and flexibility, but it also fosters a deeper connection with the Quran and Sunnah. By immersing oneself in the teachings of Islam, learners can enrich their lives spiritually, intellectually, and morally.

Enroll Today and Embark on a Journey of Enlightenment

Are you ready to embark on a journey of enlightenment? Enroll in ImulQuran’s online Islamic studies courses today and take the first step towards unlocking the treasures of Taleem ul Islam. Whether you’re seeking to learn Quranic Arabic, understand Islamic jurisprudence, or deepen your spirituality, ImulQuran has a course for you.

Deepening Your Understanding of Islam

As you delve deeper into the realm of Taleem ul Islam with ImulQuran, you’ll discover a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unearthed. From exploring the intricacies of Quranic interpretation to delving into the ethical principles of Islamic jurisprudence, each lesson offers an opportunity for personal growth and reflection.

Embracing Diversity in Islamic Studies

At ImulQuran, we celebrate the diversity of perspectives within the Islamic tradition. Our courses provide a platform for learners from diverse backgrounds to come together and engage in meaningful dialogue. Whether you’re from the USA, Europe, Asia, or beyond, you’ll find a welcoming community of fellow seekers of knowledge.

Empowering Women in Islamic Education

ImulQuran is committed to empowering women in their pursuit of Islamic knowledge. Our platform offers a safe and inclusive space for women to study, learn, and grow. From Quranic studies to Islamic history, women play a vital role in shaping the future of Taleem ul Islam.


What is Taleem ul Islam?

  1. Taleem ul Islam refers to the comprehensive education of Islam, encompassing various disciplines such as Quranic studies, Hadith, and Fiqh.

Are the online classes suitable for beginners?

  1. Yes, ImulQuran offers courses tailored to learners of all levels, including beginners. Our instructors provide personalized guidance to ensure that every student benefits from their learning experience.

Can I interact with instructors and fellow learners?

  1. Absolutely! ImulQuran fosters a vibrant online community where learners can interact with instructors and peers, share insights, and seek support.


In the pursuit of Taleem ul Islam, the journey is as important as the destination. With ImulQuran as your guide, you’ll embark on a transformative voyage of discovery, enlightenment, and spiritual growth. From the comfort of your home, you’ll explore the timeless wisdom of Islam and forge connections that transcend borders and boundaries.

Join ImulQuran today and unlock the infinite possibilities that await you in the world of Islamic studies. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned scholar seeking to deepen your understanding, ImulQuran welcomes you with open arms. Together, let us embark on a journey of learning, reflection, and transformation.

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Join ImulQuran today and unlock the treasures of Taleem ul Islam. Start your journey of learning and enlightenment with us. Let’s embark on this transformative path together!